Let's Not Get So Cheesy on Valentine's Day

February 14, 2014

So I'll just enumerate seven light reasons why I'm smitten with my husband.

#1: He's good at saving laundry detergent.

#2: He reminds me to sit and keep calm.

#3: He taught me that waterfalls can be good back masseurs.

#4: He lets me cut his hair. 

#5: He smiles on pictures when I beg him to.

#6: He allows me to do things as I wish.

#7: He tolerates my rants when I'm stressed.

Now this is the part where I'm supposed to say "I love you" but since my husband already knows that, let me just say this:

Dan, let's have some good food and drinks tonight. And then let's smoke the tobacco we bought yesterday. All expenses on me!

P.S. All pictures were taken at Ka-angrian Falls in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. 

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  1. Happy Valentine's to you both!

    1. Happy Valentine's to you too, Team Sweetie!

  2. Kit, mas natural poser gyud si Dan. I noticed that with guys ay, effortless gyud ni sila kanunay. Happy Valentines to you both. :)

    1. Chy, I thought you're on my side. Kidding! Bitaw, sakto gyud na ai, mao nga ganahan ko sa iyang mga pose maski wa sya gatan-aw sa camera. Happy Heart's Day!

  3. salamat sa pagphotoshop sa butt-crack hihihihi

  4. karon pa ko kabasa ani dah. :)


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