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Marex Beach Resort in Samal Island

Marex Beach Resort in Barangay Tambo, Babak District, Samal Island has a small area of pebbly, white beach. It’s about 10 minutes away from Babak wharf by habal-habal, a motorcycle used for public transit. When we visited it last March 2013, the road wasn't paved yet, so our driver had to stay away from rocky humps.

It’s not the postcard-pretty resort you can ever imagine, but its simplicity attracts laid-back individuals like me. It’s an ideal place for gatherings with family or friends; an affordable pick for folks who want to simply laze around at the beach on a weekend.

Here are other reasons why Marex Beach Resort has become a popular destination for Samal guests:

1. It is the get-off point for Samal’s vanishing islet. About 10 minutes away from the resort by boat, you will reach the tourist spot that is only visible during low tide. The resort staff can arrange your ride if you’re planning to visit the island.

2. It is a 250-meter hike away from the Monfort Bat Colony, the abode of more than 2 million fruit bats. It’s the biggest colony in the world, a Guinness world record that hasn't been beaten for years.

3. It’s a wonderful spot to witness sunset or moonset while you are swimming. The moon was perfectly round when we visited the place; its radiance was so majestic to stare at.

4. It’s located across from Davao City, so you can see the dancing city lights at night while enjoying a bubbly conversation with a friend over a bottle of booze.

5. It offers different kinds of accommodation – air conditioned rooms situated around their big pond, open cottages at the seaside, and an open function hall (with karaoke) for small birthday or Christmas celebrations. Tent pitching is allowed for a minimal fee.

Marex Beach Resort has a small canteen but their menu is somehow limited. For lunch, we ordered chicken adobo and pancit guisado because these were all they could offer. They were tasty, though. If you’re a foodie or picky eater, and during peak season, it would be better to bring your own food. They only charge a corkage fee for drinks, liquor and lechon baboy (roasted pig).

Marex Beach Resort Rates as of March 2013 (in Philippine Peso) 

Rates * Day Tour = P40.00
* Overnight = P60.00
Airconditioned Rooms * 2 Dormitory (10 pax) = P3,500.00 / room
* 2 Dormitory (20 pax) = P5,000.00 / room
* 5 Single Room (2 pax) = P1,500.00 / room
* 1 Family Room (10 pax) = P7,000.00 / room
Function Hall * 1 Open Function (50 pax) = P2,500.00
* 1 Closed Aircon Room (80 pax) = P10,000.00
Open Cottage * 5 Open Cottages = P300.00/cottage
* Extra Table = P100.00
Corkage Fees * Drinks = P10.00 for small bottles and P20 for big ones
* Liquor = P30.00 / bottle
* Tent = P100.00 / tent
* Lechon Baboy = P200.00

Contact Person: Marisa Margate
Contact Numbers: (082) 302-1469 / 09287321893


  1. Went to The Marex Beach Resort today to view it before we committed to a booking. So glad we did. Forget the photos above and any others you may have seen recently. The place is a tip, looks nothing like what you see in the pictures and is basically a mess with below standard rooms and upkeep. To be honest, looked more like a rubbish tip then a Holiday Resort.

    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment. I did mention in the post that it's not a postcard pretty resort. The published rates also tell us that it's a budget resort for family and friends. And I also gave a warning on their canteen services. I would admit that I wasn't able to check the rooms, so thanks for the tip. :)


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