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The Marine Sanctuary at Paradise Island Beach Resort

I've always considered Paradise Island Beach Resort as Samal's most convenient place for a beach outing with family and friends. Until today, I didn't realize it's a marine sanctuary that houses schools of colorful and friendly fish. If you just explore what's behind the bamboo boundary, you will adore what you will see. 

We went there to meet a co-teacher from Bohol and practice using our fins. I didn't expect I'd be astonished with these creatures: 

Look, Nemo's swimming with them!

A couple of hours later, the clown fish enjoyed the company of small orange swimmers.

A bunch of black and sergeant major fish dominated the area

A few jelly fish,


Moorish idol (also known in Hawaii as kihikihi),

and sandfish loitered freely, too.

A couple of pufferfish went out on a date at the grassy area

These little sky blue fish weren't trapped, but they couldn't get through because of the net. 

Fish played hide and seek at hard 

and soft corals.

Some soft corals started growing from the buoy rope. 

If you're planning to visit the resort (again), I'd suggest you bring your mask, snorkel and fins. Just like what we happily did!


  1. hmm me thinks it's a trumpet fish, not a needle fish.

    ayos mga corals ah!

    snorkeling ftw! balik cebu snorkel nya ta with your fins! :P

  2. Dwin, did some research, but I think it's a cornetfish :) Sure, pero dili gihapon ko kabalo magswim hehe :D

    1. ahhh... yeah, cornetfish diay :D

      patudlo na ni dan og langoy hahahaha


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