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Colorful Lilies at Hakodateyama Ski Resort in Summer

Residents of temperate countries are lucky enough to experience the marvelous cycle of seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. When I was a kid, I learned to remember them by heart because of James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend" song, but after living in Japan for a few years, I could say it's one of the miracles nature regularly reveals. Seeing a spot accessorized naturally with snow, flowers, green leaves or red tint just wows me. 

Take for instance Hakodateyama Ski Resort in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. In winter, when clouds pour snowflakes, the resort is a favorite destination of skiers and snowboarders. When spring breaks, the resort plants lilies that become in full bloom in summer. When I visited the spot last year, the mountain was colorfully landscaped with flowers considered expensive in the Philippines. 

We rode a chair lift to the summit where we saw hectares of lilies and a lot of Japanese loving them. It was a cloudy day but the weather was quite humid; nevertheless, we walked around the area loving every bloom we spotted on. From the summit, Biwa lake, the largest lake in Japan, is also visible. 

Here are the other photos of lilies I've taken at the resort. I feel like I can teach colors!

the girly pink

the pure white

the sweet orange

the happy yellow 

the passionate red

We went to the resort by my brother's car, but the place can also be reached by public transportation. From Oumi-Imazu Station, take the bus to Hakodateyama Ski Resort. For more details, please visit their website. It has an English translation but the provided information is a bit limited compared to its Japanese version.


  1. This Japanese off- duty Ski resort looks so pretty <3 I am a miserably bad skier, almost broke a tooth once when I had a massive fall so I would rather meander in a field of flowers than ski. :P


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