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Learn How to Surf in Marihatag, Surigao del Sur

From a distance, surfing "seems" to be a simple hobby that consists only of three basic steps: paddle, stand and balance. When you're actually learning how to surf, however, you will realize it can be dreadfully challenging because of the fact that you are playing with surges of swirling waves, and the certainty that you will fall into the sea. 

Let me emphasize it: you will be wiped out by the waves; that's a guarantee!

For cowards like me, the learning experience can be less threatening if you're surfing at an even, coral-free spot, such as Mayon's Break in Marihatag, Surigao del Sur. It's located at the heart of the town, about three to five minutes from the bus terminal by tricycle or motorcycle. Facing the great Pacific Ocean, it has a long stretch of fine, gray beach where you can rest in between surfing lessons.

Apart from Mayon's Break, there are other three excellent surfing spots in Marihatag, namely: 
  1. Squala / Speedwalk Bay - The beach beside Marihatag Tree Park and Resort. 
  2. Scarborot - Another surf spot located close to the town center. 
  3. Adgay - A surf spot about 10-15 minutes away from the town center. 
I haven't checked but some of these areas may be rocky.

For basic surfing lessons, you can contact Tagmariha Surf Club, a group that was officially established in October 2012. Tagmariha is an abbreviation for "taga-Marihatag" which means "Marihatag residents."  Starting with four boards, the 12 original members watched YouTube videos and read some articles to learn how to surf. Their founder and president, Bryan Roy, also shared some tips for gliding with the waves.

Currently, the members are proud to say they have acquired intermediate surfing skills. Also, they now have about 20 boards, most of which were donated by Speedwalk, a Cebu-based company that creates skim, surf and paddle boards. 

If you want to learn how to surf in Marihatag, Surigao del Sur, you may contact Dizon Iyana at 09126314489. Hourly rate is P250.00 (as of May 2013), inclusive of a surf board and basic lessons from a Tagmariha Surf Club member. If you're spending a few days in Marihatag for a series of surf sessions, you can stay at Marihatag Tree Park and Resort. You also have the option of bringing your sleeping mat or hammock and stay at the club's surf house for free.

The ideal season for surfing is from October to March, but I'd suggest beginners should learn how to surf anytime from May to June so you won't get overwhelmed by the giant waves. In our case, we joined Ripples surf camp in May, the reason why there are no huge waves in the photos.

How to get to Marihatag from Davao City:

  • Take the bus to Tandag and get off in Marihatag. Another option is to take the bus to San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, and change buses to Tandag at the terminal. 

Marihatag is one hour away from Tandag. If you want to be sure, please tell the conductor or driver your destination. Don't forget to coordinate with Tagmariha Surf Club so they can guide you to the ideal surfing spots.  


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    1. Salamat, Jude. Taga-Marihatag ka or gusto ka mu-surf didto? :)

  2. Hello. ;) how to get there?

    1. I have updated my blog to include the answer to your question. However, I'm not sure where you're from. If you could tell me, I can customize my answer for you. :)

  3. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks! We are booked for Hinatuan and Tinuy-an. I have been planning to squeeze Lanuza for the surf but I think it is too far. But upon seeing this blog post, I was able to get in touch with Dizon from Tagmariha Surf Club. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It just made my day. Enjoy and I hope you get good waves for surfing!

  4. We did get good waves as it was beginning of the surf season. And if you don't mind, we also linked your blog on our post. Check out our post and pics about the place, you can see we had a great time! A comment or shout-out from you would mean so much. Thanks!


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