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How to Go to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore

If you live in an archipelago where crossing countries entails a plane ride, going to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore by land is something new. I tried looking for a detailed guide on the Internet, but I couldn't find one, so here's something based on our experience last July:

  1. Take the train to Woodlands station in Singapore. Fare depends on your starting point. 
  3. Proceed to the ground floor where the bus stops are and take Bus 150 to Kotaraya Terminal, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Fare is SGD 1.30.
  5. Get off at Singapore's immigration checkpoint. All the passengers will do so, thus you can just follow their lead. For first time travelers, make sure you have your disembarkation card ready when you face the immigration officer; otherwise, you will be referred to a police officer just like one of the travelers we went with. 
  7. Once you're cleared at the immigration, follow the direction to the bus stop. 
  9. Take the same bus number (the driver is now Malaysian) and use the same ticket to Kotaraya Terminal. The bus will pass through the causeway that connects the two countries.
  11. At Kotaraya Terminal, proceed to the Malaysian immigration counter for another checkpoint. 
  13. Take Bus 170 to Larkin Terminal for RM 1.30. If you happen to ride in an SBS bus, you can still use the SBS card you bought in Singapore. The currency will be automatically converted to Malaysian ringgit.
  15. At Larkin Terminal, you can choose from a number of bus bound for Kuala Lumpur. I noticed there are slight differences in the fare. I recommend you choose the bus with reclining seats for additional comfort. (Note: The actual time of departure may be different from what the bus staff will tell you. In our case, there was a 30-minute delay.)
  17. The bus usually stops at Bandar Tasik Selatan terminal. From here, you can take local the local train to your destination in Kuala Lumpur. You can go to the information counter for a train route map or specific directions.


  1. All the details in this post are based on our trip last July 2013. The process and fares may change anytime. 
  2. Most of the travel guides say that it will take only about 4 hours to travel to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore but I recommend you add two more hours for immigration transactions and waiting time. 
  3. This may be the most economical way to get to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore but I can't guarantee this is the most convenient and efficient one. I suggest you compare our experience from those who have tried the direct buses from Woodlands to Kuala Lumpur. 
  4. There's also a train that goes to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore. My Singapore-based friend says you can see Malaysia's countryside from the train, which seems more soothing to the eyes. Unfortunately, I don't have the details so please check this link I've found on the Internet.