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Spelling Fashion in Harajuku

Popularly known as Japan's fashion street, Harajuku taught me that fashion is spelled as passion. It's not what you see on mannequins, magazines and shows that matters, but what you are confident and comfortable putting on, whether you are within the walls of your room or under the scrutiny of wicked eyes.

Harajuku is the place...

where individuals troop with their own fashion and be one with the crowd

where cosplayers and snappers are both interesting subjects to photograph

where you can consider the world as your living room and sit as if nobody cares

where you can brightly dress up, look around and just be merry

where rainbow colors are not seen in the sky but on trendy hair

where wearing unmatched socks doesn't mean poverty but style

where you can isolate yourself from everything, put on your mask and get lost in your thoughts

where getting up from a fall is as lovely as red roses in summer

where the chic and the plain pose for a memento of their encounter.

All shots were taken on September 26, 2009. My little brother, Daryl, took me for a walk in Tokyo and we ended up at Shakey's catching up while eating unlimited pasta. He took the last photo. The other pictures were taken by my Pinky. 


  1. you are absolutely right Kit. people here don't care on what you wear... giving you confidence to try something.

    harajuku is fine but i don't like the crowd haha. a little too much for me.

    and by the way, there's no more harajuku girls every sunday :(

  2. Hi Totomai, I was there for a couple of hours only, so I can't say whether that area is really something I'd like to blend in on a regular basis. :)

    No more harajuku girls on Sundays? How come? :(

  3. We failed to see the Harajuku scene when we went to Japan. Making sure we won't miss this scene next time we go there. Oh, and also the maid dreaming / other themed restaurants are also awesome.


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