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Fish at Surigao Public Market

When we passed by Surigao public market on our way to the pier, we saw this woman grilling huge fish. Stunned at what we saw, Dan and I decided to enter the wet market and check what the city can offer for fishtarians. We've done this once in Puerto Princesa and it left us open-mouthed. Since we had much time to kill that morning, we decided to do it once again in Surigao. We were confident that the display would be far different from the ones in our hometown.

The fish vendors were not used to customers or backpackers taking photos of their fish, so every time I asked permission, they'd smile and probably silently wonder, "Can't this ignorant lady just buy fish instead?" I curtly explained that we live in the countryside in Davao and we don't get to buy the fish they sell in Surigao. They understood my reason and kindly allowed me to shoot as I wanted to.

Below are some of the photos I've taken. I asked for the names of the fish I didn't recognize, but since I didn't take down notes, I ended up forgetting everything. Please don't condemn me for wasting their time. :(

Isda sa bato


Sting ray?!



Forgot the name

Forgot the name

Bayo (Is this the needle fish?)

Yellow fin

Anchovy (Bolinao)

My favorite seaweed (lato)

Note: I am not sure if all the fish in the market are legal to catch.


  1. wow gipana ning pakol ba.
    bluespotted stingray, yes - it's what we call kiampao
    eel - we call them ubod locally
    can't remember the others hehehe... ganahan na ko mahimong mananagat.


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