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Coffee Stop 'n Shop in Pacifico, Siargao

Good news for coffee addicts who plan to visit, surf or snorkel in Siargao: Coffee Stop n' Shop is now open to customers from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

We spotted this minimalist shop while we were walking along Brgy. Pacifico's main road last December. At first we thought they were still non-operational, so we felt fortunate when they let us in for some drinks. After picking our table, the owner came to us and asked what we would like to have. That time, they didn't have an official menu yet; we had to rely on what was available as we were one of their very first customers. Oh yeah, lucky charm we were!

Jen ordered brewed coffee, I had cappuccino, and Dan gulped down some booze.

Gratefully, while taking sips, the couple, Graham and Esther sat with us and shared their stories. We learned they used to live in a beautiful haven in Palawan. From the pictures of their previous abode in the western part of the country, we could say they both love plants, trees, interior designs, and garden landscaping. Unfortunately they needed to make a big decision, sell the property, and move to Siargao.

They also showed to us their neat, separate hut just a few steps from the shop. The hard wooden floor elegantly matches the walls made up of amakan and sawala transported from Palawan. Its front balcony allows them to get a view of their reinvigorating garden and listen to the sound of the Pacific Ocean waves. I noticed the couple adheres to the simplicity-is-the-ultimate-sophistication principle. They don't hang or place a lot of decors around, and if there are, they are usually handmade crafts from Palawan. Just lovely!

We decided to come back to the shop in the evening for our dinner. We sensed that Esther had found her way to Graham's heart through his stomach, so we might as well try her specialties. They prepared menudo, pork chop and sauteed veggies for us. My impression: supremely delicious!

It was the best menudo I've ever tasted (an understatement); 

the pork chop had thick slices; and,

the veggies tasted more flavorful because of the butter.

Luckily, it was Esther's birthday that day, so we got a slice of cake for free, too!

In a month or two, they would open their convenience store for the community. Also, they would be selling sweets to complement their coffee and would be hiring a barista from Manila to help them prepare different types of caffeinated drinks. By the time we visit Siargao again, I'm pretty sure this couple have more to offer to their customers. I just wish we could do it soon!

Should you want to contact the owners of Coffee Stop 'n Shop, here are the details:

Graham and Esther Fidgett
Pacifico, San Isidro, Siargao Island
Contact number: +639087431442

By the way, this shop is just a few meters away from Jafe Surf and Sail Camp Resort. I highly recommend you check it out.