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Kadayawan Invasion - Perfect Night for Hugging

We do crazy things when we are not sober. Alright, let me rephrase that and speak for myself - I do crazy things when I'm wasted.

When the truth serum takes the driver's seat, things can get a bit out of control. Don't worry, I don't break bottles nor physically hurt anyone. I just give free hugs.

While Facebook users were busy expressing their stand on Ramon Bautista's hipon issue and Davao politicians were drafting the said celebrity's persona non grata ordinance after Kadayawan Invasion, my friends were mocking my YOLO moments. I looked at the photos and it seemed I was playing a different character at a party. The video Olan took says I danced like it would be the last discoral in the world. Dan also sneered at how I became extra loving.

"Do you want free hugs?"

It was the question of the night. I was told some hugged me back and some just gave me a this-lady-freaks-me-out look. I don't know what got into me, but it seems the glasses of tequila sunrise made me:
  • assume I'm fairly pretty and huggable
  • see everyone as attractive and huggable as teddy bears
  • realize the world needs hugs
I also had a good excuse to experience short-lived intimacy with others (without malice of course as the husband was always beside me). Yep, he has always been so supportive with my drinking sprees he's willing to put up with all the mess I make when I'm intoxicated.

I wish I could describe in detail what happened that night. I only remember flashes of cageless people dancing, jumping, singing, laughing, speaking English, taking photos, kissing, talking to railings, rolling on the ground, and throwing up. My friends and I must have partied hard because we woke up at around 6:00 a.m. inside Olan's car at the parking space, with our pants wet from last night's drizzle. All the others have left except us.

It was a crazy, fun night. Will look forward to more hugging opportunities next year.

* * *

kadayawan invasion 2014

Thank you Smart Communications for the experience. To my Byaheng Mindanaw family, please delete any picture or video that puts our my reputation at stake. And Ramon Bautista, if you come to Davao again, I will prepare my sinigang na hipon and warmest hug for you, sober or drunk.

All photos taken by Dan.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I will never ever forget that one epic invasion night for the rest of my LIFE. :) EPIC indeed!

  2. i think i missed a lot. hahaha! tell me your YOLO fatal stories next time, guys. :)

    1. Hi Louie, it's better to ask the rest of the group because I hardly remember anything. Hahahaha :D


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