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What's More to Sea, Sun and Sand in Glan?

Last Friday, the Byaheng Mindanaw team was invited to do the heritage walk in the small, quiet town of Glan, Sarangani province. Miss Lodar Escobillo, the sunny tourism officer brought us to the places below to let us glimpse what happened in the past 100 years.

Under the Spreading Acacia Trees

Students of Glan Central Elementary School are lucky to have centennial acacia trees protecting them from the scorching heat during break time. Planted by Americans sometime in 1914, the array of invigorating trees is situated in front of the first school building. You will easily notice their presence as soon as you enter the gate.

We visited the place on a school day, and I'm glad we did because I noticed how comfortable the students sit on the cemented benches around the fat trunks. I wondered how many stories, giggles, petty fights, and heartaches the trees have eavesdropped on. I wondered if the trees still recognize Glaninos who graduated from the school. I wondered if the trees love living for a long time.

Rice Turon, Sweet and Tasty

"Try this," Sarah suggested. 

We were at our second stop, Glan Public Market. The food my friend offered looked like an ordinary turon; the filling is rolled in a yellow spring roll wrapper and deep-fried in oil with melted brown sugar. But it tasted different. Inside the roll is sticky rice which perfectly complemented the sweet coating. I'm not sure if this is sold in other parts of the country, but it was my first time to try it. If you happen to visit Glan, try it! You would love the taste and the 2-peso-per-piece price.

The House Emilio Alegado Built

One of the popular ancestral houses in Glan was built by the first elected mayor of the municipality, Emilio Alegado. Constructed in 1949 after the Japanese-American war, its architecture has Spanish and American influence. What I love the most about the house is the intricate wall carving. You will also find well-preserved chairs, vases, cabinets, and other wooden furniture in the house.

Currently, the family of municipal councilor Vannevar Alegado occupies the house. For privacy purposes, not all visitors can enter the house anytime, but you may coordinate with the tourism office for special permission. 

Artistic Beach-side House of Escobar Family 

A 15-minute drive from Glan's downtown area is San Juan Beach Resort owned by Escobar Family. At the heart of the serene hideaway is the ancestral house of the family. It is currently undergoing renovation as they're planning to turn it into a restaurant/bar of the resort.

I love how Allen Carino, nephew of the owners, took charge of the interior design and the garden's landscape. They use recycled materials (e.g wine bottles, sewing machines, etc.), wooden furniture, painted glasses, paintings, and other works of art. The resort will soon open at the end of the month, in time for the biggest event in Glan this year.

Centennial Celebration

Glan will celebrate its 100th year from October 1 to 8 this year. The city expects to cater to thousands of Glanino balikbayans and visitors from different cities in the country. Currently, they are preparing for a series of fun activities. Miss Lodar would consider the following as the highlights of the event:
  • Coco Village - It will showcase coconut products of Glan, which is tagged as the "Coconut Queen of the South"
  • Barangay Showcase - All 31 barangays of the municipality will create a miniature of their community and display their products. 
  • Lumad Village - It will exhibit the culture, costume, rituals, and cuisine of the indigenous people in Glan
  • Lubi-lubi Street Dancing Competition - It's a two-day event to be participated by various schools in the municipality and contingents from other cities and provinces. 
If you have limited time, visit Glan on October 7 and 8 for the highlights of the big celebration. Follow Glan 100 on Facebook for updates.

Special shout-out to Glan Municipality for accommodating us in their training center, Mindanao Tourism Council and The Travel Teller for arranging the trip, and Smart Communications for letting us post social media updates through their pocket wifi. 


  1. Indeed, more than a COASTAL PARADISE this quaint town is a HERITAGE JEWEL of SoCCSKSarGen Region that will amuse you with its rich history of a glorious past. :)

    Thank you for sharing KIT. :)

  2. good narrative of a new perspective of Glan, Kit.
    Makes me wanna go back there sooner (and not for the beach anymore).

  3. I so love how you write ate kit. hehe..
    anyway, Let's journey back to this heritage town this october and let's get wasted again. haha :)

  4. Olan, amen! Balik ta sa 3 Sisters.

    Louie, come with us next time!

    Jayvie, apart sa hubog-hubog, sa blog ra gyud ka makaingles ug usab. haha :D

    Dan, salamat sa pag ayo sa CSS.

  5. i like the lay-out of your blog, so appropriate for The Traveling Kit.

    made me remember my hometown. this one was like a flashback friday read.

    happy centennial


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