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Wolfgang and Ely Buendia Rocked Davao

When I heard Wolfgang and Ely Buendia would be performing in Davao, I thought watching their concert would be the perfect gift for my birthday. I'm not really a hard rock fan and I've already seen Wolfgang on stage in Clark, but I couldn't let the opportunity to watch Ely sing live slip away. Anyone in his or her 30's would certainly agree that his contribution to the music industry is, wait for it, legendary.

I'm not going to give a review here, I just want to share that I enjoyed the show. Nostalgic. It brought me back to my teenage years. The other people probably had the same feeling because many of them jumped, head banged, and waved their hands in the air.

Here are some Nostalgia '90 standing concert photos I took last October 31. I couldn't take close up photos because we didn't have VIP tickets, I didn't bring my long-range lens, and I'm short. :D I also could hardly move and get the best angle as all the other people were standing so close to me. Enjoy!


  1. the second photos is great.

    happy birthday Kit! Ely has reunited with Eraserheads for 2 new songs :-)

    1. Salamat Totomai! Buti ka pa updated. Thanks, will check them out!


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