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Couple Watching at Sukagawa Peony Garden

The peonies hadn't bloomed yet during our visit, so here's moss phlox.

While my eldest sister, her kids, and Dan were watching the Ultraman show at the event area, the rest of us decided to have ice cream. It was a hot spring day, and we wanted some refreshment under the shade.

When we arrived at Sukagawa Peony Garden's food stall, we saw this elderly couple in one corner. They were in their 60's. The man was feeding his wife ice cream. He'd gently pull the cone away when she had enough in her mouth. And he'd wipe her lips with tissue paper once in a while.

The woman seemed to be recovering from a shock. Her face was devoid of expression. She was blankly staring at one spot the whole time. She just nibbled the ice cream, never opened her mouth wide, like how I had mine.

They sat there in silence.

It was the most romantic scene I've ever witnessed in my life. Most romantic. I wished I had looked at them more closely, but I didn't mean to be nosy.

After a few minutes, they left their table. Hand in hand.

And I was teary-eyed.