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Blow More Dandelions, Fiana

My second niece, Fiana, at 5


Your permanent teeth have started to grow now. And lately, you'd rather play with makeup than dolls. In time, I can imagine you going gaga over boys, talking about jobs, and doing boring adult stuff.

But to me, you'll always be that Daddy's girl who once loved binge-watching My Melody videos on YouTube. That girl who'd dip her whole body in an ofuro and try to hold her breath for as long as she could. That girl who'd let the friendly deer in Nara lick her hands. That girl who liked to fold blouses and skirts with my origami paper. That girl who had difficulty pronouncing "anniversary" for her grandparent's special video.

Happy 7th birthday, Fiana. May you have more dandelion-blowing moments in life.

And remember that I will always be here to cook your curry and rice.

Tita Kikit