Tip of the Iceberg

August 05, 2021

Photo credit: Jene Yeo (Unsplash)

One time a salesman visited our place. We let him in because he was referred by a family friend. I was asked to listen to the demo. The first thing he did was show his cheque. I knew right there and then that I wasn't going to buy his product. 

I knew that he was going to capitalize on people's struggle to earn money. That he was going to trick his listeners to believe that he was offering a good business opportunity. I knew that there's nothing new with his product. 

 After more than a decade of using social media, I see this salesman's trick in different forms online. 

"Just spend two hours of clicking and you'll earn this much!" 

"I earned XXX in just a month. So awesome!" 

"Ask me about my online business, it's giving me financial freedom!" 

"Making passive income is not as complicated as it sounds!" 

If you're trying a "legit" business with these kinds of ads, it's okay. But here's a reminder: you're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Making money is NEVER easy.

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