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Ripples Surf Camp 2

Confession: We joined Ripples Surf Camp 2 for a not-so-right reason. When we were invited by two of our Cebu-based close buddies who were part of the organizing committee, we thought getting wasted by the beach was a perfect idea to catch up. Unfortunately, the world was against our grand plan, and so she said, “I will tie Jaq down at home with a toenail infection, and I will keep Carlo’s hands full at work so he won’t hang out like crazy with the couple.”

Let's play hide and seek, shall we? Look for me!
We headed off to Marihatag, Surigao del Sur a bit frustrated. That displeasure worsened when our bus drove past the horrific scene of dead coconut trees caused by typhoon Pablo. However, Dan and I didn’t choose to be enslaved by the growing pessimism. If there’s one thing we learned about traveling, it’s the fact that bliss is not dependent on any external factors. Luckily, this time around, the world favored our decision, and so she said, “I’ll assure you you’ll get stoked.”

How Ripples Surf Camp Came to Be

Sir Mac, the main surfing instructor of the camp.
Bryan Roy Tumalon a.k.a Uncle Bob, an architect surfer from Marihatag met Paul Sevilla and Mac Senora of Speedwalk in Cebu sometime in 2008. During their conversations at Brews Point Coffee Bar and Restaurant, their passion for surfing had become a frequent topic. The former even invited the duo to surf with him in his hometown.

The waves of Marihatag in summer
When Bob shared his desire to promote Marihatag as a surfing destination in the country, Paul and Mac offered to help realize his dream. They started planning a surf camp, which they named Ripples. The first event was held in March 2013, and the second one in May of the same year in Marihatag Tree Park and Resort in coordination with the Municipality of Marihatag and Tagmariha Surf Club.

No pain, no gain.
The term “Ripples” goes beyond its literal meaning. For the organizers, the surf camp is like an object thrown into a body of water that creates a number of beneficial effects for the community. This includes promotion of surfing spots and nearby tourist attractions, additional income for local instructors, and opportunity for Tagmariha Surf Club members to showcase their hard-earned surfing skills. Moreover, the organizers see to it that the participants don’t only learn to glide with the waves but also conduct an outreach program as a way of giving back to the community.

How Ripples 2 Was

Ripples 2 campers
There were about fifteen of us who registered for the event – two from Dumaguete, two from Davao (us), three from Butuan (not in the picture) and the rest from Cebu. When we saw our companions for the first time, I thought they all knew each other as they gelled pretty well. Later on I figured out it was the sense of kindred that gave a boost to the closeness. Everyone seemed to love the sky, sun and sand; we could feel that cool, outdoorsy, always on-the-go ambiance the entire time we were together.

As the event aimed to hit a few birds at the same time, we did the following activities during the camp:

  • Surfing sessions – The instructors patiently taught us how to paddle, stand, balance and most of all overcome a wipeout. Special shout out to Sir Mac for encouraging me to surf when I was too coward to try it.

  • Visit to Enchanted River – The group took a three-hour van ride to Enchanted River and enjoyed swimming, diving, and selfie-taking in the blue river.

  • Visit to Omangon Island – We also went to Omangon island across from the resort for a swim. My fellow campers also walked around the island to take a closer look of the great Pacific Ocean.

  • Interaction with Kids – Part of the proceeds of the camp was allotted for school supplies and porridge for the children of a partner community.

  • Reggae Gig – Shrubs, a reggae band in Cebu, played for Marihatag community on our second to the last night in the resort. A lot of locals gathered at the venue and I gave many of them my warm, free hugs. Yeah, I’m super friendly when not sober. (By the way, when not performing, Shrubs band members worked their fingers to the bone for our meals. How super is that, huh?!)

What I love about the experience is how the scheduled activities spontaneously transpired. It was just like a group of friends had a five-day surfing getaway in a quiet, relaxing place. No pressures, just pure fun. Everyone was chilling out. Or laughing. Or playing a musical instrument. Or singing. This is the reason why I wish to attend Ripples 3 come April 2014, even if I have poor swimming and surfing skills.

Do you want to get stoked, too? Here's your chance!

Regular full package fee: Php 8,000 *Includes round trip airfare from Cebu to Butuan and vice versa, terminal fee, transportation (including Britania group of island, Omangon island and Enchanted River tour), food, accommodation, board rentals, surf instructors' fee, entrance fee on tour destinations and surf kit which includes rashguard, event T-shirt and many more SURFprising items.

Full package fee for Mindanao guests: Php 6,000 *Includes transportation (including Britania group of island, Omangon island and Enchanted River tour), food, accommodation, board rentals, surf instructors' fee, entrance fee on tour destination and surf kit which includes rashguard, event T-shirt and many more SURFprising items.

For further information, please visit Ripples 3 Facebook event page, or contact Mark at +639322821515 or Paul +639176333365.

Many of the beautiful photos in this blog post were taken by Robo Formacion. Contact him at +639325877877 for inquiries about his professional services.


  1. This is my Endless Summer.. Live Love Laugh Surf and get STOKED!

    1. Thank you Sir Mark! Unta maka apil na pud mi puhon. :)

  2. I wanted to go to Enchanted River and the Britania group of island. I mentioned this to BMV last night. Nice. : )

    1. Join mo ani Chy. I think maganahan mo ani. :)


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