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Fronnet at Pamulinawen Festival

If you happen to read who I travel with or follow this blog's Instagram account, you would know that I reserve a space for my light green finger puppet, Froggie, in my bag every time we go on a trip. Dan, however, would always tell me Froggie must have felt neglected many times because I often misplaced the poor toy. There were a number of instances when I thought I lost him, but Froggie would still reappear from nowhere.

Until we visited Baluarte in Vigan last month.

Froggie's last photo at Baluarte
I tried rationalizing that my dearest companion decided to let us go to spend more time with the animals in the mini-zoo. But no matter how much I convince myself to believe it, I always end up blaming his mindless and careless custodian. I admit Froggie's absence during the second half of our one-month Ilocos trip can all be blamed to me. He could have enjoyed the rock formations, falls and beaches up north if only...

I will cut that paragraph short to save my sanity. Instead, I will defensively tell myself, "Move on stupid, don't be a prisoner of the past."

I asked my sister to purchase another Froggie in Ikea Japan, and I will get it when she comes home in March. Since we can't purchase one finger puppet alone, Froggie will have 9 more animal companions, including super panda and elephant characters. Woohoo! To keep myself from counting the days, the mister suggested that we buy the frog bonnet we stumbled upon at a festival stall in Laoag City. I happily agreed and off we went taking photos of Fronnet (sorry for the lousy name) during Ilocos Norte's Pamulinawen celebration.

Posting them here to prove I'm not anymore bitter. Enjoy!

Pamulinawen Festival, Laoag City
With the Marcoses
Pamulinawen Festival, Laoag City
With the sculptures
Pamulinawen Festival, Laoag City
With carabaos, farmers' bestfriend
Pamulinawen Festival, Laoag City
Riding the horseless kalesa
Pamulinawen Festival, Laoag City
Fronnet with a cutie in an illuminated kubo
Pamulinawen Festival, Laoag City
At a structure resembling Paoay Church
Pamulinawen Festival, Laoag City
Fronnet's new parents
I really hope a nice Ilocano is now taking care of Froggie.